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Originally homesteaded by Christopher Madison in 1890 the barn was built by Chris and his son around 1891. With dreams of being the American farmers, they built stalls for horses and milking cows along with putting a Jackson Fork up top for moving and storing hay on the second level. Later the Johnson brothers, Ted first then a year later his brother Harry, came to the valley from England.  Both were skilled masons and carpenters.  The brick buildings in the valley are reminders of their skilled work. In 1910 Ted purchased 80 acres of the original Johnson homestead.  

 After Ted's wife died he sold the place to Joe Sevy and in 1962 the property was purchased from Joe by my grandparents Bill and Venita Ross and it has remained in our family since then. While growing up I working the cattle ranch during summers with them. My Grandad loved to entertain.  With the venue, we have chosen to keep the traditions of making family events into memories as Bill Ross loved to do.  It is a wonderful location for weddings, retreats, fundraisers, and music.  We are so blessed. The barn remains in it's original condition with a little animal stall removal to make room for your event and a floor put in the center for dancing and seating.  The photo of our barn shown here is from the coffee table book "Meadows Valley Barns" published by Adams County Historical Society that featured historic barns through out the valley.  We look forward to sharing our facility and view with you.  

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